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Features Of Java

The main features of java are:-

  • Easy to code, easy to learn.

  • It is platform-independent/portable/architectural-neutral/ language i.e. "Write once, run anywhere, any time, forever.

  • It is an Object-oriented Programming Language i.e. based on classes and objects. (Discussed later in detail). It follows the 100% OOPs features.

  • It provides web-enabled technologies. For this reason nowadays, java is known as web-enabled language. Some Web-enabled technogies are java applets, JSP (Java Server Page), Servelets etc.
    An applet is a special kind of program that is designed to be transmitted over the internet and automatically executed by a Java-compatible web browser. Applet is downloaded on demand, without further interaction with the user. If the user click the link that contains an applet, the applet will be automatically downloaded and run in the browser.
    A servelets is a small program that executes on the server. Just as applets dynamically extend the functionality of a web browser, servelets dynamically extend the functionality of a web server.

  • It is used for Network Programming/Socket Programming i.e. multiple client can work on a server. (Discussed later in detail)

  • It is used for distributed system software i.e. multiple client can work on multiple server.

  • Multithreading- Java allows us to write programs that do many things simultaneously. The Java run-time system comes with an elegant yet sophisticated solution for multiprocess synchronizationthat enables us to construct smoothly running interactive systems.

  • Security- Java achieved protection against viruses by confining an applet to the java execution environment and not allowing it access to other parts of the computer.

  • Robust Programming Language- It means error handling capabilities. It not only check the code at compile-time but also at run-time.

  • Garbage Collection- Java releases unused objects from memory. (Java handles memory with the help of garbage collection).

It is a case-sensative language.

Java is a type safe language i.e. there is no involvement of pointer in it.

Inspite of going through through so many processes after compilation, java does not take much time to execute. This is because of the Artificial Intelligence.